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photo by Louise Isaacs

Drum Circles are all about rhythmic empowerment - people coming together as a community within which they can express themselves freely through drumming and song (sometimes dance too!).  In this family-friendly and supportive environment participants are encouraged to connect by creating music in the moment, regardless of ability, age or musical experience.

Some feedback from our participants:

"Wow! Just wanted to say how much I personally enjoyed going to the Magic Drum Community Rhythm Circle in Dorchester yesterday afternoon.
There was a full turn out, with a great mixture of ages and abilities. Ralph and Glyn kept us all entertained (and entrained) for the full two hours, and I heard a great deal of positive comment from the public as they were filing past me on the way out.
I had brought a friend with me - he is used to African Djembe workshops and started the afternoon being a little bit miffed that he was there "under false pretences" - i.e., this was NOT a class - but within the first 20 minutes or so he was hooked. Afterwards he told me it was wonderful to be liberated to just PLAY his djembe, figuring out his own patterns, seeing what he could "do with the rhythms" in his head.
Thanks so much Glyn and Ralph for a very enjoyable afternoon."
~Laura Cousins, World Music Time

"It was like discovering a language I didn't know I spoke" - Jo, Othona Community

Comments from Earth House Participants May 2006:

"Brilliant day and excellent location"

"An excellent day with great tachers who encourage and facilitate, but don't tell and demonstrate (too much)"



We also offer drum circles for community events, private parties, teambuilding and training events.

Email us for more information and booking details

Magic Drum Circle Lyme Regis

Magic Drum Circle at the Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis, 2009

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