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The Governments' National Curriculum in Action states that ICT:

- helps pupils learn in music by supporting the development of musical skills, knowledge and understanding.
- acts as a tool and a distinctive medium of musical expression... for recording or listening to music and for creating electronic sounds.
- ICT strongly influences the creative process and enables pupils to compose in a variety of different ways.

Using state-of-the-art technology and software these courses introduce students to digital sampling and recording and give them the opportunity to create their own original piece of music in any style - from drum 'n bass to hip hop, indie pop to techno, rock to folk. We have a huge range of pre-recorded loops and samples but also encourage participants to make their own - either by recording live instruments and vocals or by playing with our bank of sounds. It's surprisingly simple and quick to create a whole piece of music or a backing track to play behind a live performance.

We have also worked for the past three years with inmates at the Young Offender Institution, Portland Dorset and produced two albums of their music.

To hear a track click here

Comments from people on previous courses:


"I found it really interesting...amazing how you can change the music so much and make it a totally different tune."

"The best thing about the workshop was that I could work with fun people. I really enjoyed learning how to use the software"


"Very good programme for Key Stage 2"

"Interesting and fun"

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lLearning Music Tec with Magic DrumlLearning Music Tec with Magic Drum

lLearning Music Tec with Magic DrumlLearning Music Tec with Magic Drum